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E. coli Outbreak in Lettuce Now at 26 Confirmed

The CDC has stated that there are now 26 confirmed cases of E. coli 0145 linked to shredded romaine lettuce sold under the Freshway brand and Imperial Sysco brand. These cases include people with E. coli in Michigan, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Tennessee.

Recall of Lettuce Tainted with E. Coli

Freshway Foods of Sidney, Ohio, has issued a recall for all romaine lettuce products sold under their brand for food service outlets, wholesale, and in-store retail salad bars and delis. Supermarkets have not been affected.

Sufferers have reported symptoms such as bloody diarrhea and abdominal cramps. More serious complications of E. coli include HUS, a severe infection that most commonly affects the elderly and infants.

With more and more E. coli cases arising in Massachusetts, Mazow | McCullough have been working to inform the public of its dangers. We’ve developed a legal first aid kit that outlines the first steps you should take if you think you have E. coli.

And if you or a family member has been affected by E. coli, contact the personal injury attorneys at Mazow|McCullough for advice on your potential legal case.

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