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The Right Dog Bite Lawyer

At Mazow McCullough we have significant experience helping people get through the traumatic event of being bitten by a dog. From the moment that they walk into the office we make sure that they get the appropriate medical treatment necessary to get them through this case. If they need a plastic surgeon we make sure that they go to the best plastic surgeon. If they are suffering from emotional distress, we make sure they go to the best therapist. We make sure that the police are involved to make sure that this dog does not bite again. We make sure that if there is any insurance involved that the right insurance company is on notice because if you come to our office and you have been bitten by a dog we make sure that you get the very best result.

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My name is Robert Mazow. I am a partner at Mazow McCullough. If you have been hurt or a family member has been hurt as a result of someone else’s negligence call us. The right lawyer makes all the difference.

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