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Car-Pedestrian Accidents

Summer Bicycle Safety

Along with summer come summertime activities like hiking, camping, pools and oh yeah bicycle riding. Well I’ll be honest, since the days started to get warmer I’ve been saying to myself that I need to go on a bike ride or ride my bicycle to work but here we are, 1 month into summer and my bicycle has yet to touch pavement matter of fact its yet to come out of the basement. However, for those of you who are indeed riding your bicycle anywhere and everywhere this summer, here are some safety tips Continue Reading »

Drunken Recklessness

In 2012, 124 motor vehicle fatalities happened because of alcohol related offenses and 7027 people were arrested and charged with driving under the influence. At Mazow McCullough, we know how life changing it can be when you or a family member has been the victim of a drunk driver. Continue Reading »

Hit and Run in Salem

An 83 year old woman was struck and killed by a hit and run driver this past month in Salem, MA. While she was crossing the street to dispose of weeds from her garden, which her family says she did often, she was stuck on Loring Avenue. According to witnesses at the scene, the driver Continue Reading »

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