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Bus Accidents

Common Ways Bus Companies Can Put Passengers at Risk

Buses are an efficient and cost effective mode of transportation for trips both short and long. From charter services for trips and tours to local transportation, buses serve an important role in transporting thousands of passengers daily. While many bus companies do follow federal safety guidelines, others do not, leaving unwitting passengers in potentially hazardous situations. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration there were 67,000 crashes involving buses in the US in 2015. Let’s explore some of the common ways that bus companies can put passengers at risk:

Poorly maintained vehicles

Buses have to be properly maintained and regularly serviced in order to be safe for the roadways. A bus that’s been poorly maintained and neglected is a danger to all, not just passengers and the driver. It puts others on the roads at risk, since bus accidents can occur as a result of a malfunction. Drivers also need to maintain a level of responsibility in reporting known or potential mechanical issues with the vehicles that they operate.

Hiring unqualified drivers

In order to operate a bus, drivers need to have obtained their CDL, or commercial driver’s license. In 2012, a nationwide investigation by federal authorities discovered that multiple major bus companies had hired unqualified drivers who did not have the proper license. Drivers should also undergo drug and alcohol screenings to ensure that they’re safe to get behind the wheel. Failure to comply with these requirements can lead to the hiring of unskilled drivers who have not received the proper training.

Overworked drivers

Another issue with some bus companies is overworking their drivers. There are limits to how many hours drivers may be behind the wheel. Companies dealing with a lack of qualified drivers may make their employees work more hours in a single shift than are legally permitted. Drivers who are behind the wheel while tired pose a significant risk to passengers and other motorists. Regulations have been put in place to ensure that drivers are not impaired by fatigue while on the road.

Lack of proper registration and insurance

Just like car owners are required to have their vehicles registered and insured, bus companies must also obtain the proper registration and have insurance on all of their vehicles. They need to maintain continuous coverage while operating, including personal injury, blanket contractual liability, and comprehensive liability insurance. Failure to obtain and keep current the proper registration and insurance puts their riders at risk, especially in the event of an accident. Bus companies that do not register their vehicles and hold the proper insurance policies can be considered negligent.

Many people across the country rely daily on the services that bus operators provide. From city and local transportation services to charter companies operating tours and interstate trips, bus companies should be in compliance with all applicable laws. Bus companies have a duty to follow safety guidelines and regulations. When they fail to do so, they put passengers and others on the roadway at risk, and should be held accountable.

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Bus Accident Leads to Serious Injuries

Harvard University Tour Bus Crash

A weekend tour through Harvard University quickly turned into chaos when the bus carrying more than 40 passengers, high school students and chaperons alike slammed into a 10 foot high overpass in Boston on Saturday night. The Calvary Coach bus crashed into the overpass on Soldiers Field Rd., a road officials describe, as having height restriction warnings “all over the place”.

The crash, while injuring more than 35 people, was coming from Bristol, PA carrying students from A Dream for a Dream Foundation based in Bristol, PA that provides opportunities for at risk youth in the Philadelphia area.  A 17 year old remains in critical condition and was listed as having “life threatening injuries” while 3 other passengers were listed as having serious injuries. Police and the Boston Fire Department worked to get the passengers out for over an hour while the driver remained unharmed.

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What to Do After an MBTA Accident

In Massachusetts, because we have the MBTA, there are certain notice requirements that aren’t necessarily the same as in regular car accidents. If you have been struck by an MBTA bus, or you are a passenger on an MBTA bus and you have been injured, there are certain statuary notice requirements necessary in order to bring a claim against the MBTA. In that regard, they are different than regular car accidents.

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Do bus-pedestrian accident lawsuits differ from car accident lawsuits?

In the state of Massachusetts, bus driving incidents involving pedestrians are very different than your typical car accident.  That is because of the commercial entity; who owns the bus?  The different rules and laws in presenting the injury claim on behalf of the injured party to the bus company vary.  You’re dealing with different parties, not your typical automobile insurance company, but in fact the bus may be state owned or state funded and those specific facts determine how the claim needs to be presented, and who it needs to be presented to.

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Tour Bus Accidents

With the summer comes an urge to travel.  Whether it is to share the wonderful weather with friends or family, go visit a beautiful area of our country or to simply enjoy exploring new places; hitting the road is a time honored American tradition.  Many of us take the bus to get from here to there, letting someone else deal with the driving, stress and traffic that can come with a summer road trip.

Bus Accident Collision Factors

Most of the time, these trips are uneventful periods between home and your destination, where you may enjoy the scenery and also meet interesting people.  Unfortunately this is not always the case.  Bus companies often force their drivers into extended working hours to cut costs, ignore reports of unsafe driving, fail to investigate the background of those they employ, or simply neglect to maintain their vehicles.  The passengers’ safety may be an after-thought for the big companies.

If you or someone you love has recently been involved in a bus accident, contact the law office of Mazow|McCullough, P.C. today.  We have experience dealing with the complicated cases that can arise out of the negligence of both a company and an employee.  We can help you to feel empowered again, as you are compensated for you or your loved one’s injuries.  The right lawyer makes all the difference.

Who’s at fault in Boston bus accidents?



In a Boston bus accident it’s treated like any other motor vehicle accident in Massachusetts. If a bus driver was inattentive and caused an accident, they are responsible for the injuries of the people that are onboard. If the bus driver was struck by another inattentive driver than the other inattentive driver is at fault for the injuries that result for the people on board. It’s just handled like any other claim. However, you need to deal with the MBTA and there are certain notice requirements that are necessary when making a claim against the MBTA.

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My name is Robert Mazow and I’m a partner at Mazow McCullough. If you’ve been hurt, or a family member’s been hurt as a result of somebody else’s negligence, call us. The right lawyer makes all the difference.

Who is At Fault in Boston Bus Accidents?

In the state of Massachusetts, if you’re involved in an incident or a collision as a passenger of a bus or of another motor vehicle that’s struck by a bus, who’s at fault and who’s responsible will really depend on the specific facts of that accident. It is possible that the bus driver is at fault, wasn’t paying attention, stopped short or ran a red light. But it’s also possible that another vehicle cut off that bus or collided with that bus.

Collecting Bus Accident Information

Therefore it’s very important if you’re involved in an incident or collision within the state of Massachusetts involving a bus, to gather as much information as you can at the time of that incident to present that information going forward.

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