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Justin Crow vs. Galina Zhevakin and Martin D. Johnson

Newburyport Superior Court Civil Action No.: 2007-01981B

On July 12, 2007 Justin Crow was stopped in traffic on Route 114 in North Andover, Massachusetts. The two vehicles behind him collided and the car directly behind Mr. Crow violently collided into the rear of his vehicle. Mr. Crow’s seat snapped and he was pushed off of the road. Mr. Crow suffered neck and back injuries and was out of work for several months due to the collision. Despite the fact that the insurance companies of the two cars behind Mr. Crow’s vehicle both agreed that Mr. Crow did nothing to cause or contribute to the collision, neither company made any offers of settlement. Even after Mr. Crow filed a lawsuit and extensive material and discovery was exchanged between the parties involved, no settlement offers were extended to Mr. Crow to compensate him for his injuries. A few days before the trial date the insurance company offered to settle the case with Mr. Crow in exchange for a payment of $20,000.00. Mr. Crow rejected the unreasonably low settlement offer. On October 23, 2009, after a one week trial the Newburyport Superior Court jury returned a verdict for Mr. Crow in the amount of $75,253.17, plus interest and costs. Mr. Crow’s post trial motions for costs and expenses are still pending.


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