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Be Wary of Natural Disaster Scams

Natural Disaster Scams

As climate change continues to create unpredictable weather patterns, natural disasters are becoming a more common occurrence. In December 2021, the tornado that hit Mayfield, KY surpassed the Tri-State Tornado of 1925 as the longest and deadliest tornado on record. Wildfires are worsening on the west coast and snow and ice pelts the east coast Continue Reading »

Drunk Driving Cases (Podcast)

Victims of drunk driving accidents have multiple avenues to explore when seeking a lawsuit. Don Bumiller, from Mazow McCullough law firm, discusses how to get fairly compensated for a drunk driving accident. Listen or read more to learn about your options when pursuing a drunk driving case. Continue Reading »

Mazow | McCullough Celebrates 15 Year Anniversary

Robert Mazow and Kevin McCullough first met 17 years ago when they were on opposite sides of the same trial.  Who would have imagined they would join forces two years later to establish one of the North Shore’s most successful personal injury law firms.  This year marks fifteen years that the law firm of Mazow Continue Reading »

Consider These 3 Safe Driving Tips for Winter Before Hitting the Road

Winters in Massachusetts provide numerous driving challenges, such as snow, ice and longer periods of darkness. It’s a dangerous combination even for the most experienced Northeastern drivers, and certainly for anyone who’s operating a vehicle in Winter conditions for the first time. Ask any insurance adjuster, or personal injury lawyer for that matter, and they’ll Continue Reading »

Why Driving in Low Light Conditions Can Be Risky

As Autumn settles in and transitions into Winter, the amount of available sunlight diminishes during the average person’s normal daily activities, including driving. Seasonal daylight changes, creating more dusk-to-dawn hours of darkness, account for one type of low light driving condition. However, there are other examples of low light driving conditions, including smog, fog, snow, Continue Reading »