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Distracted Driving – Common Misconceptions (Video)

Kevin McCullough of Mazow McCullough discusses distracted driving, and some common misconceptions about distracted driving accidents. Distracted driving can be dangerous. It can also be deadly. There's a common misconception that most distracted driving collisions occur on the highway. That's not true. More often it's that side street or that ...
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Distracted Driving – Cell Phone Use While Driving (Video)

Robert Mazow of Mazow McCullough discusses distracted driving, and cell phone use in particular, and how you might help to avoid distracted driving by using your phone's built-in "Do Not Disturb While Driving" feature. Some day when you're driving to work, look around the vehicles around you and see what ...
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Liability in Accidents with Uber and Lyft Drivers

Typically, when you are in a motor vehicle accident with a professional driver, the driver's employer is liable for the accident. However, with rideshare companies, the liability is not as cut and dry. Drivers for companies such as Uber and Lyft are independent contractors. That means they are not directly ...
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Accidents on Public Transit: Who’s Responsible? What Are Your Rights?

Driving is the most dangerous thing most people do on a regular basis. Unfortunately, regardless of the vehicle you're in, accidents can happen. Statistically, professional vehicle operators tend to be safer than the average driver, but these operators still cause accidents. Here's what you need to know about these motor ...
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Teens and Distracted Driving

A quarter of all motor vehicle accidents are due to distracted driving, and according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the risks are even higher for teen drivers. Distracted driving refers to anytime a driver is distracted while operating a motor vehicle. Most people immediately link cell phones and ...
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What to Do If Your Auto Insurance Claim Is Denied

Car accidents can be painful, emotional, frustrating, and expensive, and if you're dealing with an insurance denial, the aftermath of an accident can be even more difficult. Luckily, you can appeal the denial, and if you believe your insurer is acting in bad faith, there are other steps you can ...
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5 Body Parts Most Likely to Be Injured in a Dog Attack

Every year, approximately 486 people die from dog attacks, and an additional 4.5 million people report dog bites. Dogs kill and injure significantly more people per year than crocodiles, alligators, bears, and sharks combined. In fact, even if you take into account humans killed by spiders and snakes, dogs are ...
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Massachusetts Animal Control Laws and Dog Safety

Every dog owner, as well as anyone who works with dogs, must understand the Massachusetts animal control laws in order to properly follow them. Don Famico, certified animal control officer in Salem, Massachusetts, discusses these dog laws and provides tips on dog safety. Listen or read more to stay safe ...
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Dog Laws and Safety for New Dog Owners (Video)

Don Famico, Animal Control Officer, shares some information for new dog owners on the Massachusetts laws regarding registration, shots, and preventing dog bites. Hi, I’m Don Famico. I’m the Animal Control Officer with the City of Salem. Also, the Inspector of Animals within the City of Salem for the State ...
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Are Parents Liable If Their Teens Injure Others in Car Accidents?

What happens when a teen causes a car accident that injures yourself or a loved one? You may be wondering whether the teen or their parents can be held liable and if you can bring a claim against them for damages. Here’s what you should know. When a Teen Crashes ...
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